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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

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Connect the Coastside

The Plan study area covers Highway 1 from just south of the Devils Slide Tunnel to the southern limits of Half Moon Bay and Highway 92 west from Highway 1 to Interstate 280. 

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About Connect the Coastside

Connect the Coastside is a community-based transportation plan to help improve mobility and safety for Coastside residents and visitors. It identifies programs and improvements for the Highway 1 and Highway 92 corridors to improve mobility and accommodate the Midcoast's future transportation needs. A key purpose of the Plan is to define priority projects that will then be eligible to apply for funding. 

The plan identifies a diverse range of road, highway and trail improvements. Categories in the plan include improvements to:

  • Bike and walking trails
  • Roadways and intersections
  • Pedestrian routes
  • Transit facilities and services
  • Parking

The Connect the Coastside project has involved a broad public outreach program to ensure that the final plan reflects the unique character and vision of residents and businesses and aligns with broadly held community values. This plan will require ongoing community engagement to refine the infrastructure proposals into detailed designs and to advocate for funding necessary to construct these improvements.

About the Plan

Watch a recorded overview presentation on Connect the Coastside. Haga clic aquí para español »

  • The plan includes a wide range of improvements, which address the present and future mobility needs of Coastside communities. The plan broadly seeks to:

    • Improve existing traffic conditions and public safety
    • Expand transportation choices for residents and visitors
    • Encourage environmentally friendly options, such as walking, biking and public transit
    • Respect the character of Midcoast communities and protect coastal resources
    • Maintain and improve access to coastal resources for both residents and visitors
  • The County’s Local Coastal Program (LCP) requires the development of a comprehensive transportation management plan to address the meet future transportation needs of Coastside communities. As new development occurs, transportation improvements will be planned and constructed to address traffic impacts. New land use policies will also help reduce traffic, protect natural resources and preserve coastal community character by limiting development.

  • The plan focuses on the areas surrounding Highway 1 and State Route 92 on the San Mateo County Coastside. The plan’s study area includes the unincorporated communities of Montara, Moss Beach, El Granada, Princeton and Miramar, as well as the City of Half Moon Bay.

  • The plan provides cost estimates for recommended improvements and identifies potential sources of funding. Improvements may be paid for using a mix of County funding, regional or statewide grants and new land-use policies that collect fees from development.

To learn more see the Connect the Coastside FAQ »

Summary of Recommended Projects

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Documents & Meeting Materials

View information and materials related to past outreach efforts and presentations, including community meetings, meetings with the Midcoast Community Council, Planning Commission hearings, and Board of Supervisors hearings.

Where We Are Now

The Connect the Coastside project team released a Public Working Draft of the plan in January 2020 and collected public feedback on the Public Working Draft through August 19, 2020. The 2020 Outreach Summary Report summarizes this year’s outreach efforts, what we’ve heard from the community, and how those comments will shape the next draft of the plan. Thank you to everyone who provided comments on the Public Working Draft!

Next Steps

Below is a tentative timeline for the Connect the Coastside planning process:

Estimated Timeline Action
November 2020 Update plan
December 2020 Present updated plan to Midcoast Community Council
January 2021 Planning Commission workshop on updated plan
Final updates to the plan and environmental review documents
February 2021 Publish final draft and environmental review documents
Midcoast Community Council meeting to consider recommendation on plan
Half Moon Bay Planning Commission meeting to consider recommendation on plan
March 2021 Planning Commission meeting to consider recommendation on plan
April 2021 Board of Supervisor meeting to consider plan approval

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Please note that comments received after 8/19/20 will be considered as part of any future updates to Connect the Coastside, after the project team updates the January 2020 Public Working Draft and releases it for public review.