"Connect the Coastside" a.k.a. the Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan, will identify programs and improvements along Highway 1 and Highway 92 to accommodate the Midcoast's future transportation needs. The Plan will evaluate the existing and future residential and non-residential development potential of the Midcoast and City of Half Moon Bay by conducting a land use buildout analysis and an assessment of the current and future transportation system. The technical study will coincide with a broad public outreach program to ensure that the final Plan reflects the unique character and vision of local residents and businesses. The Plan will also provide an assessment of implementation costs and identify potential sources of funding.

The Plan study area covers Highway 1 from just south of the Devils Slide Tunnel to the southern limits of Half Moon Bay and Highway 92 west from Highway 1 to Interstate 280. The Plan will be coordinated with efforts by the County, the City of Half Moon Bay and the communities of Montara, Moss Beach, Princeton, El Granada, and Miramar.

Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan (“Connect the Coastside”) Planning Commission Update - 5/25/2016