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Understanding Zoning Districts

Now that I have the Zoning District(s) for my property, what does it mean?

A parcel may have only one Zoning District (e.g., “RM”, “TPZ”), may have 2 Zoning Districts layers (e.g., R-1/S-101) or may have several Zoning Districts layers (e.g., R-1/S-17/DR/CD). Each “layer” represents a distinct chapter or section in the County’s Zoning Regulations. Please find each layer of your Zoning District in the Zoning Regulations, as development will be required to comply with the regulation for each district.

As a rule of thumb, “S” districts contain development standards (e.g., setbacks, height, FAR, lot coverage), “R” districts are primarily residential in use, “RM” “TPZ” and “PAD” districts are rural, the “CD” district applies to all areas of the Coastal Zone, and the “DR” district requires compliance with design review standards.

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