Welcome to Plan Princeton!

Plan Princeton is a study being conducted by San Mateo County to update the land use plan for Princeton. The project will focus on the area west of and including Highway 1, between Pillar Point Harbor and Moss Beach. The purpose of this project is to make a comprehensive update to the policies, plans, and standards regulating the Princeton study area in order to:

  • Enhance coastal access, recreation, research, and education opportunities.
  • Support and expand coastal-dependent and coastal-related uses.
  • Provide facilities needed by the commercial fishing industry and recreational boaters.
  • Create local jobs and services.
  • Abate neighborhood blight and zoning violations.
  • Address parking, circulation, and infrastructure needs.
  • Identify and evaluate potential solutions to shoreline erosion problems.
  • Protect and restore water quality and sensitive habitats.
  • Maintain compliance with the State Coastal Act and State airport compatibility requirements.