North Fair Oaks Zoning Changes.

The North Fair Oaks Community Plan incorporates a broad range of policies intended to meet the community’s needs and goals. Policies address health and wellness, transportation, parking, infrastructure, housing, and other topics. However, a key component of the Plan is changes to allowed land use and development in specifically designated areas of the community. In order to implement these revised land use regulations, the zoning regulations for these areas must also be revised. The County is working with a Working Group of residents and other stakeholders, and a community process involving community meetings, North Fair Oaks Community Council hearings, Planning Commission hearings, and Board of Supervisors hearings, to draft, refine, adopt and implement the revised zoning. The rezonings are proceeding in four phases, as shown on this map. The first phase of the rezoning, along Middlefield Road, has been completed, and was adopted by the Board of Supervisors in 2015. The second phase, along El Camino Real and 5th Avenue, is in process.